1 lb of deveined and unshelled shrimps

1 lb of pork belly, 1st layer of fat removed (if it’s too thick)

1 teaspoon of shrimp or crab sauce (see picture) The can is about 2” high

2-3 stalks of green onion, sliced

1 -2 cloves of minced garlic

1 thinly sliced French shallot (see picture)

Salt + sugar + oyster sauce

Onion and garlic powder




Wash pork belly with warm water and salt. It would be easier to remove the thick layer of fat if you blanch the meat for a few minutes.

You can either thinly slice the meat into pieces of 2”X 2mm or thicker if desired.

Wash the shrimp under cold water and a little bit of salt. Rinse well. Drain.

Marinade meat in salt + sugar + pepper + oyster sauce + onion and garlic powder. Let it rest for 45 min.

Marinade the shrimp in a separate bowl with onion, garlic powder + sugar + pepper.

In a separate skillet or small pot, saute shrimps till fragrant and pink. Don’t overcook. Reserve.

Saute shallots till fragrant. Add minced garlic. Add meat and its marinade. Saute till the meat pieces is golden. Reduce heat and simmer. Adjust the taste.

After about 15 min, add the crab( or shrimp) sauce. Mix well. Continue to simmer (add a bit of water if you see that the pot is getting dry) till the meat is tasty and tender to your liking. If there is still too much liquid once the meat is tender, increase the heat and stir while the liquid is thickening

Add shrimps and chopped green onion, mix well. Continue to cook another 3-4 min. Can add a bit of pepper at the end for more flavor.


Shrimp sauce.jpgshallots.jpg


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